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  • Pulled the trigger

    I pulled the trigger on 1 month of the premium services in hopes I can figure out how to utilize it to improve my game and help generate the revenue I hope to one day.

    I have played recreationally to different degrees of intensity on and off the past 14 years.

    A few months ago I had to come to terms I was injured permanently and my pathway as a apprentice electrician was over. So I took a grand and grinded up six and used most of it on life expenses. The following month I took a grand which swung down to 300 and have grinded it up to a 7k poker roll.

    I’m in Florida visiting family and considering moving here for live play and I am planning on it going forward. I’ve had 3 days here, my first being lackluster but my last 2 I fell right into my groove.

    So I’m properly rolled and I’m open minded to learning and growing more. Today while crushing these guys I got snickers for my journal, which also partially made me want to pay for this site. I realize that some principles I’m seeing so far here I vibe with,

    So now what? How do I best use this site and community, and other than paying for the content how else can I help the community as well?

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    Also here is a hand on my lack luster day. I feel I played this terribly allowing this guy to realize equity, but I’m being told this is also how sets pay me off.

    2/5$ game Coco

    I am in the SB with AA, 3 limp to me, I raise to 30. A player that looked like a reg although a bit wide calls (chip leader). Flop comes AQ6r, I bet 35 (my first mistake IMO) he takes a minute and calls. Turn is a J, I bet 75. He takes a minute and he raised to 275$, I reraise all in for around 700 total. He snap call showing straight. I felt afterwards not just calling may have been a mistake and the jam also was a mistake. But I’m hearing conflicting opinions.



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      Hi Michael, welcome

      Sorry to here about your injury - that sucks.

      Have you actively studied poker before, or do you just play based on experience and conversations with other players at the table?

      Either way, I'd recommend watching these two webinars by the coaches here which will help you get the most from your work: and

      If you've never actively studied poker, I'd work my way through the fundamentals course just to make sure there aren't unknown gaps in your knowledge that might cause problems later if not plugged now:

      If your goal is to get better in cash games then the Cash Game Masterclass is amazing:

      Regarding your comment "So I'm properly rolled", I'm not sure that's true. $7k isn't sufficient to be playing 500nl. Downswings greater than 14BIs can happen fairly often if you're playing a high volume and that would wipe you out.

      Finally, the hand you posted. I would've made my ISO-raise a big bigger to roughly $40. That's pretty much pot-size with an extra "unit" for being OOP. On the flop your sizing is okay, although I might have gone a bit smaller because you heavily block a lot of the villain's calling range. I'm not a fan of your turn bet sizing, half-pot bets always seem like the bettor doesn't know what they're trying to achieve. When you get raised it's a pretty nasty spot. We are too strong to fold, but perhaps by re-raising we get him to fold the hands we are crushing (except JJ/66 maybe) and only get called by the annoying KT combos.

      I think I would call his raise to keep his range as wide as possible for the river.


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        Thank you for responding London.

        My goals are to continue playing live cash. That 2/5$ game was a shot at a higher level but went back to $1/2. Although I played 1/3$ where I am from. I figured I was rolled accordingly for the 1/2$ games for now, but maybe I am wrong.

        I read some books during the online bubble, but since then I did not study poker in depth, and I find a lot of the quizzes and webinars fascinating but as far as everything goes taking a look at the courses is part of why I paid for pcp and to see if I enjoy the community. I have an ability to read people well. I also as a young man didn’t make the best choices and got a little time for some substance issues back 10 years ago and had a lot of poker playing time. Then I played some online and then the occasional live game. I’ve been blessed with a decent level of intelligence and learning ability as well as having been a college algebra tutor, all things kinda came together recently. I know that cash grinding is a lot like 1 long session but sticking to my entrance and exit points for my BR mngmt as of late I am 15-3-2 for a 2 to 2.5x Buyin on average.

        I think that your advice is very good though. I’ll look at those webinars and go from there. I bet that if I played tournaments more then I would have a lot more to study 😅😂😂😂.


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          Hey Michael,

          Good luck with everything! I hear Florida poker is very very good, where in FL are you?


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            Really looking forward to hearing how you progress and the advice that London has gave you is spot on as always good luck with studying and playing


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              Thanks mate