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Back after 8 years (former 200 NL Reg)

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  • Back after 8 years (former 200 NL Reg)

    Hello everyone,

    long ago I was a 200 NL 6 Max Player. I played on FullTilt with a winrate of 3,2 PTB (6,4 BB) over 500.000+ hands. I was able to make a living from that, as I was a student in university at that time.

    Then there was black friday, new laws, etc.

    I finished university, now I have a job (I'm a teacher), a wife and kids. ... no time for fulltime play.

    I did not play a hand for 8 years, I think.

    Anyway, I tried playing a few hands a week ago. Till now I have played 20.000 hands on 100 NL, it still feels somewhat like the same game, although results are terrible so far :-D

    There are some things I missed, like GTO....?, No HUD on Party ....? Different betsizes....?

    I just wanted to say hi, as I am new to this forum. Maybe someone wants to study with me or will see me in antoher thread. Now you know, who I am.

    Friendly Greetings to everyone :-)

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    Welcome back to the game mate.

    Looking forward to seeing you get back up to speed


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      should just quit for good , they're the smart ones.


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        Don’t mind Eddie, he’s sort of like the village idiot. Anyway, good luck. Hoping you update your progress


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          Good luck mate