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Goal: to grow a bankroll from micro stakes to high stakes

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  • Goal: to grow a bankroll from micro stakes to high stakes

    Hi all - my background is I've played poker on and off for over 20 years. I've always loved tournaments more than cash games. I've never had a poker bankroll. I just played whatever I wanted within reason and since I always had a job and didn't play a ton it was fine. I played a bunch of online tournaments the past few months including WSOP events and it took a toll on me. I had a positve BB/100 overall but I just could never win the important spots deep in a tournament. Long story short, I lost more money than I wanted to and I also lost the desire to study what I need to, in order to improve as a tournament poker player.

    I realized that given my life situation, online cash games are better for me. It's been inconvenient for my family when I play online tournaments all day Sunday and become completely unavailable. I'm going to play and study online cash games more and just focus on that.

    I've never had a poker goal before. But I've decided to try posting my goals online here to see if it helps keep me focused. My ultimate goal is to become the best online cash game player I can be and to be a winner at the tough high stakes online games. I'm going to do this by being much more disciplined and to study more.
    1) I'm going to have strict bankroll management requirements. I'm going to start at the lowest stakes and move up in bankroll when I have 30 buyins and move down when I have less than 20.
    2) I'm going to study more. To make time to study more. I want to improve my fundamentals / skills so I need to review my play, review all the great content on PokerCoaching and get help from others who are better than me to help me improve my game.
    3) I'm going to post my progress here to keep myself accountable.

    Wish me luck!

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    Good luck mate, keep us posted


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      good luck mate


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        Thanks. GL to both of you too!


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          what stakes of mtt did u play ? I mean why start from micro cash ... I never played micro mt but will say this ' I take 7 micro winners over 2 losers from 109 on a final table '

          those 2 are much tougher


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            I played all stakes MTTs. If I were to be totally honest my guess is I would be a winner in the $50 buyin level and lower and would probably hold my own in $100 buyin. But I played much higher during WSOP and I also played way too many tables. I think I can play 3 fast fold cash tables at once and play okay and maybe up to 6 tournaments at one time. But there were times when I was playing more tables than that.

            The reason I decided to start at microstakes is because I had a few hundred left in my GG account after WSOP. I thought it would be fun to challenge myself and see what I could do with the money left in my account. I'll see how far this takes me. Maybe 20k hands in playing $.05/$.1, I'm going to decide I can't keep doing it and end this goal. But I'm going to try and see where it takes me.


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              109 on star is considered 'hi' $82 below is mid. Cash is a very different game. Let's see how u fare in those.


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                Played 3,800 hands since 9/8. I'm mainly 3 tabling the $5NL Fast Fold games on GG. It's nice because I can play about 500 hands / hr so I can get reasonable volume to help me practice and see results.

                The adjustments I've been making so far are
                1) I need to play way less hands. I'm still attempting to steal too much and 3-betting too much. Trying to learn the charts and play closer to the 6-max GTO charts.
                2) I'm triple barrelling less. My feeling is that I'm going to get called down more so I should be value betting more and bluffing a bit less. But I don't know if I'm over doing it. I'm only cbetting 40% of turns and rivers. Maybe at $5NL this is a reasonable strategy.

                Sample size is small so graph is all over the place. But it's a start.
                Click image for larger version

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                  Originally posted by CrazyEddie Reloaded View Post
                  109 on star is considered 'hi' $82 below is mid. Cash is a very different game. Let's see how u fare in those.
                  Yeah my assumption is I should have been playing more mid and low stakes tournaments and just gotten a lot more final table experience under my belt.


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                    I don't like zoom. Can't pick on who I play with ...

                    With micro stakes, u really need to dumb down and play cards.

                    So many adjustments ... I don't know what I have left.

                    O, straddle


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                      I actually like zoom. Maybe because I have been too lazy to table select so this format makes it so everybody is on the same playing field. I think you're right that I mainly need to just play my cards.

                      What games are you playing right now?


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                      About 10k hands in mostly at $.02/.05NL. My all in EV is 9.6bb/100 but actual results are down. I'm down a whopping $2.42 . I've actually made a lot of adjustments and I think they will help my overall results over time.
                      * Playing a lot less hands from SB and BTN. I had gotten into the habit of raising almost any 2 cards from SB and barreling until I made a pair because I was told by a coach that this works reasonably well against the population in tournaments. But when I filtered my results in poker tracker for cash games, I was finding I was playing way too many hands out of position and losing too much money. So I'm playing closer to GTO ranges in SB and I'm sure my results will get better over time. Same on BTN. I'm raising closer to GTO ranges for now.
                      * As far as study, I review hands in poker tracker and then I run a lot of filters to see where I'm weak. E.g, if I see I'm losing most of my money in SB, I'll check whether it is single raised pots, 3bet pots, whether I was preflop aggressor, etc. I also typically sort by biggest losses after each session and just look to see if I punted off my stack in a spot where I shouldn't have. I've been trying to create aggregated reports in piosolver to help me see which boards I should be cbetting more or less in different spots.

                      I feel like this has been really good for my game. Instead of trying to chase a really big score or playing for the excitement of winning / beating other people, I'm really just trying to improve my skills. Because the $ amounts are relatively low, I don't feel much tilt when I have bad beats and I'm enjoying studying which is good.


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                        0.02/ 0.05 ? no way to build bankroll.

                        move up , push yourself !

                        Bring the bluffs back


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                          If I filter my results for only $.05NL, my results are better than I thought. My all in EV is up 22bb/100 right now after about 10k hands at that stake. Obviously sample size is low but the graph is trending in the right direction.

                          In $.10NL, I've only played 2,500 hands but getting destroyed. My guess is the player pool is pretty similar so if I put in more volume at this stake and don't change anything, I will eventually start winning. We'll see.

                          I only have $200 on this account and I'm trying to never reload again. I think playing $.10 NL is okay as long as I drop back down to $.05NL if my account goes below $150. 30 buyins should be plenty to eventually grow it back.

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                            Do you have the $99 cash course ? Imp probably got it .. didn't do him much good if were looking into mtt.

                            .10/.25 on star already a waiting game. I don't want to do more waiting than that.

                            Thing with micro stakes , you never win anything.


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                              Eddie, you never answered my challenge. You just said running me over wasn't exciting. Do you want to play heads up?

                            • CrazyEddie Reloaded
                              CrazyEddie Reloaded commented
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                              u want to play all parts the deck , close quarters ? how do I know I'll be paid ?

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                            Um. Because we will play nl cash online?


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                              These are my results since I started my goals here. Pretty consistently beating $.05 NL and getting crushed in $.10 NL. I'll keep taking shots. I'm almost positive the results have nothing to do with skill level difference between the 2 stakes and it's just sample size. But it sucks every time I build up the bankroll to move up, I get beat down. I'm glad I'm doing this for fun and not for income

                              Click image for larger version

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                              • LondonImp
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                                It's definitely variance. Going from +20bb/100 at 5NL to -45bb/100 at 10NL is not a realistic representation of the difference in difficulty.

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                              volume is never fun.