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Cash game tutorial - betting postflop - range advantage question

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  • Cash game tutorial - betting postflop - range advantage question

    Jonathan uses the first example of range advantage with A76 flop showing a 65.21% advantage and saying you should bet. But you know your hand so why don't you use your exact hand? If you have KQd you are 45% against a wide range after an A appears on the flop rather then the 68% using your range. Thanks!
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    You want to move away from thinking about your exact hand and always be thinking about how it exists as part of your overall range. Your exact hand may have low equity, but if your range has an equity advantage we still get to bet often, your weaker hands get to bet because you have so many strong hands that are also betting. Our equity advantage also means Villain is going to have a relatively tough time defending against bets/raises because their range is full of many low equity hands, which means it matters less what we're holding because we're creating EV by forcing villain to call with junk or over-fold


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      We know our exact hand, but our opponent doesn't. All they know is our approximate range.

      When we bet, we're taking advantage of us knowing and our opponent not knowing.

      Yes, exactly KQ might not be doing great against their range, but you have all the strong Ax hands in your range. Your opponent does not know if you are betting a "weak" hand like KQ or a strong top pair.

      If you turned your hand over then your opponent could play perfectly against you, but whilst your cards are face down, they have to consider your entire range.

      This is why we can bet so frequently with a strong range advantage because our weaker hands are protected by all the strong hands we could also have.


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        Thanks for the replies. So continuing the example I'm thinking then the 65.21% is basically 45% equity advantage plus 20% "bluff equity" based on my range? The "problem" is that I play a lot of 1/2 live and at this level opponents generally fold when an A appears if they don't have it after a bet. Or call when they do or bet. So I suppose the modification would be to check the flop and see if anyone bets.