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  • New PCP member seeking advice

    Hey PC community. I'm a new PCP member. I'm a relative newcomer, been playing a lot during pandemic with friends via PPpoker app, mostly $1/2 NLH. Looking to get setup to play online MTTs and cash games. I'm a mac guy generally, but seems like many of the online sites use PC platform. Love to hear advice from the more experienced on software/hardware setups and places to play online. Thanks in advance.

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    You online options depend entirely on where you live. Unless you want to use a VPN but then your bankroll/account is at risk if you get caught. Not something I can condone.

    In terms of the hardware set up I use, I play across two 23.5" monitors which allows me to comfortably fit 6 tables on each and be able to see all tables clearly.

    I do actually have a 3rd monitor which I plan to start using to keep the lobbies, PT4, charts etc. so they don't end up blocking tables when I'm entering new MTTs etc. I'm just waiting for my work to pay for a bigger desk to fit the 3rd monitor so I don't have to!

    I'm not particularly clued up when it comes to the actual software performance, but looking at my device specs this is what I can see:

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570S CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz
    Installed RAM: 8.00 GB
    System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
    Edition: Windows 10 Pro

    I do occasionally have slight performance issues when everything is running at once. But I use AVG Tuneup to try and keep everything running as smoothly as possible.


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      Thanks London Imp for getting back. Regarding software, I am a mac user, but it seems like most of the software for tracking performance, off-table study, etc is PC, so I wonder what apps/programs are needed for tracking performance, hand history reviews, etc. Any help greatly appreciated.

      Also, I'm in the US, so I am going to have to play on US facing sites and use crypto to cash out. Any advice on best sites to play on based on game softness, rake, etc would also be welcomed. I have been playing in private games only for last 2 years, using an app, but never online proper poker sites, so love to hear your experience.

      Many thanks in advance.


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        Like LondonLmp stated its all where you are located. I live in Pennsylvania so I am fortunate enough to have Pokerstars, WSOP, BETMGM and Borgata poker available. I used a MacBook Air in the past and had some issues with software but upgraded to a MacBook Pro M1chip and am able to play on multiple tables with no hiccups.


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          I am certain Bovada/Ignition work on Mac and I think Betonline does as well. Also, you could use bootcamp or vmware to install a windows vm.


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            Thanks both Galactus and pryan for your replies. Regarding software on Mac, apparently there is no Hold'em Manager for Mac, have any of you used other options that run on Macs? Was reading a little about Poker Copilot, which does run on Mac. Love to hear if anyone has used it, and and experiences you care to share about it, or about alternatives for Mac that you like/dislike. Thanks a million.