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    Hi, Im a new member. I noticed that the cash games GTO pre-flop charts deal with RFI which to my understanding is when no one else has bet and shows a range of hands to raise or fold with. Jonathan made it clear in the "Master The Fundamentals" course during the "Preflop Strategy" section that those charts do not deal with limpers behind you. In the next section "When Facing Limpers" he shows several hands and talks about whether or not he would limp, raise or call those hands. My questions are:

    1. Is there a chart that shows when to limp when others limp behind you?
    2. If not, do you adjust your RFI range to include a calling range?

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    I don't think there are charts for limping because limping is generally not a solver approved play, and if it was it would require Monkersolver or a similar multi-way solver, so I don't think that would be available on PC.

    There are a few classes on PC that involve limping behind strategy, I know Lexy Gavin has one, think there are others as well by JL. Bu a few concepts:

    -Our limping strategy is very villain dependent. Basic inflection point is are they limping a mostly junky and marginal range or do they have nut hands in there as well. If they have nut hands we're much more incentivized to limp behind with implied odds hands that crack their premiums, prefer a high SPR, and don't want to call a limp-3-bet. If their range is devoid of premiums we're much more incentivized to raise over there limps to get them heads up in a larger pot IP with a much stronger range.
    -Against fewer limpers offsuit hands with blockers are better raises, if there are many limpers or you think it's very likely to go multi-way we would rather have suited hands with better multi-way playability.
    -Opponent's post-flop strategy is key, If they're going to limp call weak and fold if they don't make a decent draw or made hands, we can open over their limps a ton, c-bet small a ton, and print money when they over-fold.
    -Be aware limping a very straightforward strategy if there are thinking players behind you who are looking to punish the limpers in the same way you are. We don't want to go heads up OOP with capped ranges against strong players.


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      Hi. As someone who plays small stakes cash games, and in the absence of any specific information on the villain(s), a successful strategy I use against limpers is the following:

      If only 1 limper before action gets to you - raise as normal using the RFI GTO charts adding an additional big blind to the raise size to try to isolate the villian.
      If several limpers I overlimp with small pairs 22-55, small suited Aces and small suited connectors. I fold everything else that does not play well postflop in a multiway pot. I raise with a fairly tight linear range 1010+ and AJs+, putting in a bigger raise to thin the field.

      Also, be very cautious if you get 3-bet by someone who initially limped into the pot. At small stakes this is often a sign of a very strong hand.

      Obviously, adjust your strategy as you gain information on types of hands villains are limping with.