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C-betting in 3 bet pots multi-way

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  • C-betting in 3 bet pots multi-way

    Hi so I had a hand where I three bet kd ks and got two callers. I’ve recently been playing very passively in 3 bet pots on scary boards when it is multi-way and I’m wondering am I doing this wrong.the flop was 9s 3h 6h and I decided to check in position thinking there’s a good chance a player has a set turn 10 clubs and one player bets then river came 5 of diamonds and the player put me all in and I called but maybe I should’ve folded.

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    It's good to be cautious in multi-way spots, it's good to be cautious in 3-bet pots, but as always we need to consider the ranges at play and how they interact with the board.

    Would be good to know the action preflop with positions but KK is going to be bet here a ton. Villains are likely to have pairs, suited broadways, and some suited connectors. Sure someone has a set a decent chunk of the time and we need to be cautious when we get raised but we're also getting called by TT, slowplayed QQ JJ, T9s, 88 77, heart draws.

    If you do check at some frequency, you're at the top of your range with KK, don't think you can fold unless you know VIllain to be very nitty, also would be good to know the bet sizes


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      Just wondering are my thoughts on being cautious here correct and is this a clear fold on the river given population tendencies?


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        I was on the button original raise was from LoJack caller in between was in cutoff and it was a 3/4 sized bet on turn and just about pit sized bet on river thanks for reply


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          Ya I think I should always bet flip and turn really


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            And not worry too much about monsters


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              He looks very strong there jamming river too though into two players whereas he could just check behind his ten 88s 9 etc


              • Dilly
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                If he jams for pot size on the river you only have to be good 33% of the time, if you assume he can 87s TT 99 66 and 33 he only needs 8 combos you beat for us to call, JJ QQ, busted hearts, over-played TX, without a read that VIllain is very tight I just don't see a way to fold

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              What kind of deals do players get?