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Small stakes MTTs, AK vs small pairs

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  • Small stakes MTTs, AK vs small pairs

    I started playing small stakes tournaments a while back and it has been extremely frustrating. Most tournaments I only last a few orbits. The most common scenario is that you pick up AK and raise and one guy shoves behind you and you make the obligatory call and he shows 55 or some other small pair, you don't hit and your out early again.

    Do you ever fold AK to avoid these scenarios? I know from an equity standpoint it should be a call but it seems a bit silly to take these flips all the time, and when you inevitably lose one you are out.

    Is it a good strategy to jam all small pocket pairs like a lot of people seem to do? We are talking early in tournaments so around 80BB deep.

    Another common theme at these stakes seem to be jamming up front even 80BB deep. The ranges seem to vary but it is usually a medium holding like 88 or AJ but some people do it with AA and AK as well. I'm a bit lost on how wide you should call these huge shoves, are there any preflop charts that deal with these scenarios? I usually call very tight against these shoves like JJ+ and AK which is probably way too tight.