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Disagree with River bet on quiz 1049.

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  • Disagree with River bet on quiz 1049.

    I disagree with the river bet for value in quiz 1049. We have been called for 2 streets. I don't think it is likely that a half pot bet will be called by anything lower than top pair. We lose to at least half of the kickers on our top pair, i.e. AK (although unlikely as there was no reraise pre or post flop), KQ, and K8, K7, K5 and K2 are all 2 pair. So we beat K10, K9, K6, K4 and K3. If we get reraised, do we call? Would a Kx that beats us call with a half pot river bet? I think the chances of getting that bet called by a weaker hand is pretty low. The opponent is labeled a solid regular. Maybe exactly KT calls? Thoughts?
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    You are misunderstanding something there. The answer was check turn, check river. Unless you have the wrong quiz.


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      It's definitely quiz 1049. KcJc in HJ in a 25/50 cash game. Hero bets all 3 streets. I got the wrong answer on turn and river because I thought there should be a check on 1 of the streets. My problem isn't necessarily with the bet on the river, although I disagree with it but not strongly. It's that checking was given a score of 1 and I really think after 2 streets get called, it's not a strong enough hand to bet 3 for value.

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    I think Lexy's explanation between playing the hand in an MTT or a cash setting is important. She says that in an MTT she would be far more likely to go for just 2 streets of value as there is less chance of getting paid due to the importance of stack preservation.

    Her opponent is a solid regular, which to me implies that they are going to be calling down appropriately in line with MDF and so the calling range may be wider than you think. I agree with what you're saying that it might be a bit ambitious going for the 3rd street of value though.

    Off topic, but I don't like the bet size on the turn. We have virtually no draws as all the back door draws bricked, so I think we should be going smaller considering the lack of bluffs we have for balance.