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Flop Bet Summary: IP - aggressor -- Don't check bad A high...?

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  • Flop Bet Summary: IP - aggressor -- Don't check bad A high...?

    Don't check bad A high - because facing a bet thereafter puts us in a bad position.

    Ok. It's not a great equity hand. Don't check. Invest MORE??

    How do we think about the math here regarding investing more money in a low equity hand. We're thinking we will get folds due to RA / NA and that will work out in the long run?


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    How did you end up with a bad ace continuing to the flop? Normally am not putting myself in this position because I would raise with it pre-flop, if I was going to play a hand like A2s-A7s. So if I raised, I would have the betting lead and I would bet an ace if it came. When I have the lead preflop, an ace comes on the flop and I C-bet, I will follow through on the turn. If I get called twice, I will usually try to check it down on the river.

    If some how I ended up in a position with a bad ace (which really should not happen, except on a rare occasion), where I don't have the betting lead, I would check to the preflop aggressor and decide what to do after he either checks or bets.