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"Bet Flop, Turn and River only with polarized range..."

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  • "Bet Flop, Turn and River only with polarized range..."

    I read this as "make sure you have some garbage when you 3 barrel"

    I'm sure that's not quite right - so hope you can set me straight.


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    We should have bluffs in basically every situation, but not necessarily junky bluffs, often our bluffs need to be higher equity bluffs.

    Post-flop we generally bet our entire range, or we polarize our range checking/calling with some hands, betting/raising with others. After we bet our entire range, equities will generally run closer because we have our whole range and Villain folds some of their junk, so after betting range we generally bet polarized, so when we triple barrel, we're generally going to have a polarized range by the turn or sooner.

    Our bluffs when we're polarized is just made of the hands not quite strong enough to call, usually that have outs to beat hands in Villain's calling range, usually that have the ability to fold stronger hands, and often have blockers to villains continuing range and/or unblockers to their auto-folding range.


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      Bet polarized would be bet with premiums and draws but not marginal made hands?? And it would not include betting with garbage? The polarities there are the premium and the draws?

      I know I shouldn't still be trying to grasp what polarization basically means - but alas, I am.

      Thank you again!!


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        When we split our range into the 4 categories (premium, marginal, draws, junk) and then bet the premiums and the draws, this is a polarised bet.

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      Think of it like this a polarized range means betting a balanced amount of your top equity made hands and hands that either need to improve to win at showdown, or if on the river hands that cannot win at showdown without bluffing. But you are checking your marginal made hands in between the two poles.

      Since we cannot bluff everything that missed or we will be unbalanced, we can only bluff so many times or we become unbalanced. (See the Masterclass for the exceptions on when you can bet range or overbluff). On the flop and turn, the best bluffs in a polarized range are actually the hands that have equity to improve. Sometimes you have to search for draws to go beyond the common FD or OESD combos, but the Masterclass also teaches what hands to choose as bluffs.

      On the river we have no more draws. We can only have premium made hands, marginal made hands, and junk. A polarized range on the river are our value hands plus a balanced portion of the junk hands that cannot win at showdown, but checking the hands in the middle to try to get to showdown.

      Now going back to the original title of the thread: Bet flop, turn, and river only with a polarized range. When you 3 barrel this is a true statement. There are exceptions to betting a standard polarized range. However to triple barrel, at least one street you have to bet a polarized range. Most often this will be the river, however, there are exceptions here as well when you would bet a merged range on the river. But you can only bet with a merged range on the river if you bet polarized on the flop or turn.

      Think of equity on a line:

      0% - 25% - 50% - 75% - 100%

      Now consider what the word polarization comes from. Think of the North Pole and South Pole on the Earth. That is the two opposite ends of the planet. Polarization in poker means the two opposite ends of the equity line. Bet with your hands at the high end of the line and the low end of the line. (Draws are at the low end of the line when you consider that unimproved they have near 0% equity to win at showdown.) Then you check with all of your hands in the middle of that line.
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