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Opponents connectivity post flop. . polarization - theirs and ours

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  • Opponents connectivity post flop. . polarization - theirs and ours

    Hi Folks -

    Trying to grasp what Jonathan is teaching here in his summary re: flop bets -- "How Opponent's Range Connects with the Board. Bet bigger as opp has more hands that won't fold with a polarized range."

    And he also says -- bet larger to get them flop. . and do so polarized.

    I'm having trouble grasping what hands he's referring to for the opponent - and then also - which of our hands would be polarized. . . the premiums and also A2s-A5s. . ???

    I'll copy the image for reference. Thanks!!!

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    Maybe when he says "polarized range" - he's referring to OUR range - not the opponents??


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      It's just not phrased well. I think it should say: "Bet larger with a polarised range as your opponent has more hands that will not fold"


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        When Jonathan says to bet polarized in these Masterclass lessons, he is talking about betting premium made hands and draws and have Marginal made and junk in the checking range.