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AK4 flop UTG bet frequently and SMALL against BB - right??

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  • AK4 flop UTG bet frequently and SMALL against BB - right??

    Possible Jonathan had a powerpoint miscue that said bet large here? Clearer bigger bet against BTN. But against BB - BB does NOT "easily connect with this board" - right??? So smaller bet, yes?

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    There are exceptions to the strong range advantage - bet frequently and small. On many flops we have the range advantage against the BB, but lack the nut advantage. But here, having the nut advantage, range advantage and BB has poor connectivity. In this exception we get to bet large.


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      No interest in keeping BB around by betting small? Our goal is to get a fold by betting large? Or are we still hoping to be called by worse??? Thanks!!


      • jjpregler
        jjpregler commented
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        The idea is he is overfolding, even to small bet, so why not get value against his calling range. On boards like this, his calling range is pretty static.

        If you were the BB are you calling with 55 to any bet? What about 54s?

      • Dilly
        Dilly commented
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        The BB actually does connect with AK4 pretty well. They don't have as many of the nut hands as the PFR, but they have a ton of weaker AX and KX that will call basically any size bet up to pot, and a ton of complete air that will fold to basically any size bet. So we generate more value by playing a polarized range of our best hands and draws betting large, and checking behind with a marginal range that is still probably ahead of Villain's range.

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      UTG has roughly a 70-30 equity advantage. I don't think the effective stack size will change that drastically but it may change flop strategies a bit.

      to JJ's point the V will have connected with a lot of junk that is supposed to fold to a large bet.

      In fact I think the BB is even supposed to fold TT on a AKL rainbow flop when facing a polarized lets say pot size bet as well as some of the junky KX.

      Same concept on a AQL rainbow and I'm not sure but this concept might apply to all ABL rainbow flops.

      It's a quite powerful spot to be in on those sorts of flops