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Regarding PFR question on CG masterclass "facing a raise and a call".

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  • Regarding PFR question on CG masterclass "facing a raise and a call".

    The question is as follows.
    "You're playing a $1/$2 game with $200 stacks. The LJ opens to $8 and the CO calls. You are on the BTN and decide to 3-bet. What size should you make it?"
    I calculated 3x last bet plus any additional money in the pot, as the formula was in the beginning of the course.
    But that was wrong.
    "You want to use about a pot-sized raise. This is 3 x last bet + any additional money in the pot = 3 x 8 +11 = $35. TIP: When you're out of position, you can look to make it slightly more perhaps around $40."
    Why is not the call from CO counted in the PSR?

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    It's 3x8 but then only +8, +2, +1. So the bet you are multiplying by 3 is not also added. But then again, I'm not sure this is really "correct" or at least something slightly different isn't really "Wrong!" It's just the recommended method in the class so they expect to hear it back from you.


    • jjpregler
      jjpregler commented
      Editing a comment
      This does get you to the same answer but it is simpler to do than the traditional pot size raise calculation. In the traditional pot size calculation you add your call to the pot. The current pot has 19 when you add your call now the pot is 27. Now add the 27 to the size of the raise = 27 + 8 = 35.

      Now that Jonathan put that out there in his courses, I definitely prefer his method as it is so much easier.

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    Ok you have
    SB posts 1
    BB posts 2
    LJ raises to 8
    CO calls for 8

    When you do the pot size formula you have 3x the last bet which was 8. CO put the last bet in the pot 3 * 8 = 24. Now the CO bet is accounted for. When you add the dead money you don't count the 8 from the cutoff, because his money is accounted for in the 3 * 8.

    The best way to word this
    3 times the amount of the last bet put in the pot, then add the remaining dead money from anyone else who has money in the pot.


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    What I do is very similar. 3x the last bet plus I pick up any limpers. So in this case I would have made it $32. 8 x 3 = 24 + 8 for the one limper. This is how I play IP. OOP I would make it 4x the last bet, plus I pick up the limpers.