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Can someone please help me with Low Stakes Poker

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  • Can someone please help me with Low Stakes Poker

    I am trying to get my game going. I am playing low stakes poker .01/.02. Is there some pointers that anyone can give me on how to play those stakes. I know that there are exploitable players there. I need other information on how they play versus an in person game or higher stakes.

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    I am going to chime in my thoughts here though they are just my opinions and everyone has there own and that why these type of site are great to listen to what everyone thinks. At this level of play your playing simple ABC poker. Obviously study your range charts and gameplay for enhancing your gameplay but I don't think many players are using range charts at this low level and its impossible to put people on a range that do not know what a range is. Study your fundamentals and just play simple ABC poker and you should be ok at this level. Most players here are only playing their two cards, they are not worried about your cards or anyone else. They have a pair and they are not folding.


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      The best place to go to learn how to beat .01/.02 is



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        Thanks for the feedback. It makes sense that they are not thinking about ranges.