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    I think I’ve been overestimating the importance of my table image in 1/3. How important is it, especially against straightforward rec players?

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    Like everything else, it is less important at lower stakes and more important at higher stakes. If you are playing against a bunch of weekend warriors, than it doesn't really matter all that much. If you are playing against players who are taking the game seriously and trying to make a living or extra money from playing poker, than it is more important.

    It probably will only matter when the caller has a decision that is borderline call or fold. Table image can sway one way or the other. Here is a great example.

    Back in 2009, I was playing $2/$/5 in a cardroom in northern NJ. The person to my immediate left was a pro who won a couple of WSOP bracelets. He raises UTG and it folds around to me in the BB. I lean over, kidding around and say "What do you have there?" I meant, what cards was he holding because I was folding. He thought I was asking him how much he had left. He got so concerned he threw chips in the air, started stuttering and mumbling while he was letting me know. He clearly had nothing and thought I was going to put him all in. I had 83o. I said raise and he threw his cards into the muck before I even said an amount. He then went on to say he knew I had something even before he bet, and he did not know why he didn't follow his gut. I was 43 at the time and everyone thought I was tight, but I wasn't. So yes, your image can help in those situations.



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      For the most part I agree with Mike, a huge percent of 1/3 recs are literally not paying attention to what you're doing, they're just playing their two cards.

      If you're playing a fundamentally sound strategy, and especially if you're getting out of line to exploit, you're going to look like a LAG or even a maniac to some of the recs. Which is going to generally have one of two results: they're going to nit up against you because know that you're going to barrel more often than they're comfortable with, or they're going to call you down with TP against any action because "no fucking way this guy has it this often."

      I would argue it's not thattttt important because most of the money you make off these opponents comes from their gaping leaks that they don't even realize are a problem. They don't realize limp-calling $7-$15 pre-flop with junky to marginal hands and then folding the flop when they don't hit 3-5 times per hour is literally killing all of their potential win rate. Stuff like that is where we really print against these players.