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Whats a good video on combating LAGs at small/micro stakes? (*not* maniacs)

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  • Whats a good video on combating LAGs at small/micro stakes? (*not* maniacs)

    Hi all.

    ok, so I'm taking some of Lexis advice and trying to pick a subject a week to work on..

    I'm encountering quite a few LAG types at the microstakes.....*not * maniacs, but pretty loose and aggressive ..
    --I'm finding I can handle maniacs but I am unsure on my decision making on the "very aggressive but not maniac" types.

    Unfortunately, while there are any number of videos on how to combat passive players about,,,, there seems to be very few general advice videos on combating LAGs.
    • All the ones I can find, including Jonathans, seem to drill down a little too much into specific cases, like "lets suppose you're on the button and they call..." which are probably too case specific for what I'm after. ..(for example :Combating Overly Aggressive, Almost Maniacal Players | probably a little too situation-specific for what I'm after, at least at this stage)
    • .or they assume the villian is a maniac, which is not the type of player I'm looking for advice on.
    • That doenst mean that Jonathan (or others) might not have done one, just that I havent found one yet...

    So...Has anyone got any recommendations for a video that deals with how to combat LAGS at smaller stakes as a general subject - that doesn't assume they're Maniacs?
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    For those who may be likewise interested in the subject, ive now found one: crushing cash games, part 5.