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Remembering steps to take before acting?

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  • Remembering steps to take before acting?

    Having some issues slowing myself down at the table. Been a few hands where after I acted I found myself asking “what the hell was I thinking?” What’s a list of questions to put on my phone to look at and ask myself before taking action? I know some like asking who has the range and nut advantage. But looking for suggestions that I need to slow down and remind myself of?

  • #2 thing they tell young kids who play chess, and usually play very fast and never use up their clock time, is to sit on their hands... So...that's one idea.


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      Dan Heisman would give the very same advice to his students who played too fast.

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    As with chess, the more you learn in poker, the more you will realize you can't just autopilot. Once you start grasping more of the technical details of each individual hand it will make you slow down. So definitely more study is a cure for playing fast.

    I consider range advantage, nut advantage, range connectivity, IP or OP, who was the aggressor, do I have history with the player, what are his tendencies, how would my range play in this spot. How is opponent supposed to play his range in this spot? When he checks what does that mean for his range.


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      It's taken me a while to find this, but I knew it was out there:

      This is a video for Premium members.


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        JL should sticky post that video on the dash, I swear it's the answer to more questions in the forum and Discord than any other content lol

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        I don't think I've ever actually watched it myself... I should probably check it out then haha.