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  • Positive red line all other lines negative

    Hey guys I just wanted to see if there is anything specific I can learn from my graph I'm not sure if it is normal to have a positive redline with all other lines negative. I realise i am a loosing player at the moment and I am struggling to find the areas in which I need to improve. I am not good with understanding these graphs and was hoping somebody might be able to give me a little insight into how i can use this to find my leaks. I can upload some more information from my poker tracker if anyone is willing to help me improve. Thanks guys Ive learnt a lot from this forum already!
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    Far from an expert on this so take with a grain of salt but you're probably bluffing too often and/or calling too often. The only way we make money w/o showdown is by making villain fold, so you're making more when villain folds than you're losing when you fold, but you're getting crushed when it goes to showdown which probably means you're either getting looked up a ton when you bluff or you're calling down way too light......if I had to guess based on my experience and some of the coaches comments it's probably calling down too often. In the micros we need to be over-folding a ton in a lot of spots, especially against check raises, especially on the river, the population just doesn't triple barrel bluff, check raise then barrel turn/river with bluffs, anywhere near balanced


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      Thanks for the reply!

      Yeah I think I am probly calling alot of situations that I don't have the odds to call because I find it quite hard to work out the Pott odds in game. I think I am bluffing way too often from the BB when the board pairs low. I will concentrate on not calling down light on the turn and river. I think i am getting myself into bad situations from the blinds so i think I will study situations from the blinds this week. Is there any material anyone would suggest watching on playing from the blinds? I am a pcp member


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        Tbh I haven't studied blind v blind too much, but I would search blinds in the classes section I'm sure there's a few things there