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Calling range vs BTN all-in example in Tournament Master Class

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  • Calling range vs BTN all-in example in Tournament Master Class

    Hi all
    Just got started on the Tournament Master class and have a question relating to the section "Equity+Pot odds +Ranges".
    In the example, we open 2,2BB with 16BB effective stack and face a shove from the BB which has the range TT+, AJs+AQ+KQs. We get 42% pot odds, so Jonathan wants to find the range that gets 43% against Villain's range.
    Jonathan uses Equilabs hand range calculator to get calling range to be JJ+, AK.
    This seems counter intuitive to me. Since there some dead money in the pot, shouldn't our range be a little wider than Villain's?

    Related 2nd question:
    I used Flopzilla pro to do the exercise, and since it doesn't have (or I couldnt find) a hand range calculator, I simply dragged my combos until my range had 43% equity. This range turned out to be wider than Villain's (66+, QTs+, KJs+, KQs, AQ+A9s+). Why does Flopzilla show a wider range for 43% equity than Villain's and Equilabs shows a tighter range?

    Grateful for educational responses.

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    Q1) Villain's range is wider because they have fold equity when they shove. They can shove TT and immediately profit if we fold. Because we are calling, we can only win if we end up with the best hand at showdown.

    Q2) It's not about finding a range that has 43% equity on average. It's finding which individual hands have >43% equity. In your range, for example, you list 66. 66 has roughly 39% equity against the villain's range and so is a clear fold.

    Make sense?


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      It does make sense!
      Every day when you learn something new, is a good day. Thank you for making mine a good one!


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        You're welcome mate.