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Implementable vs Exploitative Range Charts

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  • Implementable vs Exploitative Range Charts

    Hi there. I am a relatively new member here, and I have been studying the pre-flop range charts for stack size adjustments in SNG's. I understand that "implementable" are an implementable form of solver charts, and are designed for use against tough opponents. However, I am curious why the implementable charts only go up to 75 BB, and the only chart for 100BB is "exploitative," which to my understanding is used for softer games. Can I effectively use the 75BB implementable chart for a 100 BB stack size if I want to play closer to GTO? Anyone have any insight for when and/how to apply these different charts? Thanks!

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    I actually think the 100BB range is just an Implementable GTO range. I have a feeling the word *Exploitative* is just a hold over from one of the early incarnations of those ranges.
    The main difference between those Implementable ranges at 100BB and GTO at 80BB is we mostly play a bit tighter at a 100BB but the SB RFI is more aggressive. The only other difference you would see with the the GTO ranges is that they use some combos a portion of the time for greater board coverage.

    So for instance if we had 100BB GTO ranges UTG might open AJo 45% of the time, maybe K9s 40%, J9s 30%, 87s 25%..something like that


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      Thanks kkep. so I can use the 100, 75, 40, 25,15 charts as a unified guide while I'm learning the basic strategy, and then hopefully deepen my understanding of GTO as time goes on. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't using a different 100 BB that does not have the same theory behind it as the others.


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        Welp I'm not sure about that for SNG's TBH. I rarely play them but I think that game has a tighter strategy? LondonImp could answer this better than I.

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      I want to transition to MTT's eventually anyway. I've found studying the charts has been helpful for choosing my preflop spots in SNG's, at least down in the low stakes, but would be happy to hear more experienced perspectives :-)