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  • Study Software?

    Hey Guys,

    I wonder what kind of programs/software I actually need in order to become the Player I want to be.

    At the Moment I have got:
    PokerTracker 4
    Preflop+ App

    But when I watch courses or webinars.. there are always many other programs mentioned.

    Holdem Resources Calculator
    and many other..

    I am a little bit confused.
    What do we need?
    My PC only has 4GB ram, could I even run a program like PioSolver on this thing?

    Another thing with PioSolver is the cost. With the PokerCoaching Premium, the App I bought (40$), my stats database (10$) a month and thats not even sharkscope which I am thinking about getting when I get back to tournament/sngs, its quite a lot of money up front for somebody who can not win for certain. I hesitate to make more investment.

    Anyway.. Holdem Resources Calculator is I think 10$ a month.. can it do the same things as pio solver?
    Which programs would I need to get in order to be able to do everything i need to be doing to become the best Poker Player that ever walked the earth?

    Is what I have already enough? What would you add to the setup?

    Thanks for any good advice in advance

    edit: i also have Simple GTO Trainer installed but not bought a license.. the prices looke reasonable, same as with HRC. PioSolver is too much for me.. but I wouldnt even know what to do with these programs or if they can only do the same things my App can do? or the Charts? You know what I mean?
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    You have more than enough to make great strides in your game.

    The programs like PIO are really for very high level studying.

    With all due respect I don't think you'd get enough out of the program to justify the outlay in costs (I know I certainly wouldn't!).

    I use PT4, Flopzilla Pro (you should be able to get this for free if you have a normal flopzilla licence), and equilab.


    • laaazzeee
      laaazzeee commented
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      I have a similar question @londonlmp. I have a macbook and use the parallels program to run windows on my macbook; this allows me to rum holdem manager 3 and equilab. I do not like the parallels program and am ready to switch to poker software that is directly compatible with mac. I'm not concerned about spending a little money on some software.

      To replace holdem manager - should I get poker tracker? And for equilab? Pokercruncher? Flopzilla? Are these the correct options?

      I'm also assuming I can transfer my hold manager database to poker tracker and vice versa. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

    • LondonImp
      LondonImp commented
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      Sorry mate, but I don't use a mac.

      Maybe try starting your own forum thread and someone might be able to help?