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GTO Charts problem

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  • GTO Charts problem

    Hey guys,

    after putting the whole GTO Charts from the PDFs into my range trainer I noticed some things and then compared the PDF-Chart to the Cash Game Chart in the Tool Section.

    Which one is more correct?

    There is probably more differences but lets just look at BB vs SB for now.

    I wouldnt care if the differences werent so big.. its basically a different strategy when you raise QTs/QJs instead of calling it. Same with the bluffs.. because I wanted to master the GTO Preflop Ranges this is a bit irritating and it would be nice if you could help me figure out which of the charts is accurate. Obviously one must be very UNGTO if we assume one of them is correct GTO..

    65s for example the Website-Charts says 91% call but in the PDF-Chart we 3bet it as a bluff? Why not drop it when it is below 50% raise?

    I tried to circle every difference I found in the two charts which both assume 100BB Cash Game Full Ring.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2021-03-05 09_41_55-C100bb-gto-charts.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (32-bit).jpg
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    Please understand this is not a criticism, I'm just trying to figure out which of those two strategies is the better for our purpose of 100BB Cash Game play.

    Thanks and Good Luck at the Tables

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    The GTO Cash Game charts are solver outputs that factor in rake. These are what we should be using in online or relatively tough cash games with relatively high rake.

    The chart on the right is the exploitative 100BB chart, more applicable at weak live cash games, but to be honest in weak live cash games our strategy becomes super Villain dependent, especially blind v blind.

    Strategically these two ranges are actually very similar though. We're 3-betting our best hands for value and 3-betting as a bluff with hands that have some combination of blockers, decent post-flop playability, and give us board coverage. The biggest differences are we are playing someeeee hands in the exploitative strategy that aren't included in the GTO strategy because they just aren't good enough to play against strong opponents, and the GTO bluffs are different--junkier, more randomized, but having many of the same properties as the exploitative chart. My guess is we probably also bluff a little less exploitatively but the frequencies probably aren't all that different


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      thank you for taking the time Dilly.
      I think I got it


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        The chart on the right is an implementable tournament range which assumes antes, not cash.


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          thank you for pointing this out!