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Probly a silly question!

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  • Probly a silly question!

    Hey guys i will probly seem like a wally for asking but i have a question.

    So as i understand when the flop comes, as the PF aggressor i should be betting when i have a range advantage. It seems on most flops the PF aggressor has the range advantage so should i be C betting the flop somewhere around 70% of the time?

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    Hard to put a global frequency number on how often we should be c-betting because there are so many situations, but yes, the PFR will generally have some range advantage because they will have a full frequency of the best hands while the caller doesn't because they would have re-raised them at some frequency. But an UTG open v a BB defend is going to be a much different spot than a LJ open and B call, or a B 3-bet v CO open-call, range advantage as the UTG opener v a very tight BB is going to be very different than against a competent or loose BB. You really have to go through the different spots and see how the different ranges interact with the board. Plus there are going to be spots where even with a range advantage, we bet polarized instead of betting range to get more value with our best hands, and to keep our entire range defendable on the flop


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      Yeah I just felt like I was C betting alot unless it was obvious the cards couldn't hit my range well. It sounds like I need to work on when to have a linear range and when to have a polar range. Also when I run some ranges and flops on equilab I tend to do it using one general range for other players it sounds like I should be running those ranges against tight opponents and loose oponnents to get a better feel of where my range stands so i will try that next time.

      Thanks for the answer I feel like I have a bit more direction where to study now and have a goal to focus on!