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    Any general advice for when you have second pair on the flop? For example, you open from middle position with JJ, get two callers, and the flop is K-9-6.

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    It's going to depend on a ton of factors. Is the pot muti-way or heads up? Are we in position or out of position? How deep are we? How far below top pair is our second pair? Is our second pair a pocket pair or connected to the board.

    In the specific example you gave, multi-way pots we want to be very conservative betting only our best hands and best draws. We're probably looking to check call flop, and fold to turn or river aggression depending on opponent tendencies.

    In general second pair is going to be a marginal made hand we want to get to a cheap showdown with, but there are definitely exceptions.


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      General advise: don’t lose all of your stack on that hand!

      p.s. Who said “There is no right way to play pocket JJ” ? Mr. Saxton? Mr. Bronson? 🤔 Can’t remember...