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    First of all I would like to say hello to all the comunity. My name is Dusan, I come from a small country in Europe called Slovenia. I dont know exactly at what stage of poker level am I at because there are many levels in this game. Lets just say that I played poker every once in a while but was always interested in the game.

    Recently I started learning more about the game and about 10 days ago I subscribed to premium pokercoaching. I preffer to play cash game but at the moment I cannot maintain a decent bankroll and dont want to play at micro stakes like 1cent/2 cent or 2cent/5cent.

    So basically the gameplan is to learn tournament play and then after I get decent enough and aquire bankroll I would like to transfer to cash game. I did the master the foundamentals course and am currently at the tournament masterclass at the postflop topic. So far so good, It gets a bit tricky for me I have to be honest, but I think I should be ok.

    My question is:
    Is it good to proceed the way I do now ( I spend around 4-6 hours learning each day, but I dont play often at the moment, as I said that I would first like to go through these courses)?
    Is there maybe a better way that someone would recommend for me?
    Also whenever I do play and lose a big pot or get cracked, I would like to somehow upload the hand for all of us at the forum and maybe some of you eperts may review it with me over email or right here on the forum if it is possible.


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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    1. Putting more time and effort into learning poker than playing is probably good if you are more or less a beginner. You do need to put what you learn into practice and gain experience
    as well.
    2. You can post hands in the forum and the members will help you work through the situation.
    3. You will need a much bigger Bank Roll for playing tournaments than for playing cash as the variance is much greater. I would suggested that you do some research regarding variance in MTTs, and cash games and the BR that you require.


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      As well as studying, you do need to actively try putting what you're learning into practice.

      The best way to do this is often at the micro-stakes. When you are playing these games, don't think of it as trying to make a profit. Think of it as embedding your skills so you can make a bigger profit in the future.

      I'd recommend looking into purchasing either PT4 or HM3 to help track your game and provide you with a HUD.


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        Thank you both for the answer. I really appreciate it. Already looking into hm3 actually got a 14day free trial and am having some problesms how to set it up propperly, but I have to look into that.
        The problem I have with micro stakes cash game is that I feel like that a lot of people would just call me with everything or anything and I get cracked a lot of times. But you are probably right and I should try to exploit them on the long run.

        Is there an opened topic for hands which were played during the game so I know where to post hands?

        Thanks again.


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          If you want to post a cash game hand you can do so here: (ignore the fact it says online-tournament, this was just not udpated)
          If you want to post a tournament hand you can do so here:


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            I recently joined Pokercoaching Premium as well. I have a question for you. if you were going to buy a brand new Mercedes-Benz S600, would you rather pay $100,000 or $200,000 for it? Most people would rather pay $100,000. I say this because if you are still learning the basics, you are going to make lots of mistakes. The higher the limits you play, the more those mistakes cost you. It really is better to start at $.01/$.02 and pay for those mistakes on the cheap, and build a bankroll, instead of playing higher stakes and constantly going broke and not being able to be a bankroll. Just food for thought.

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              Editing a comment
              Thanks for the comment. I have been playing poker for some time before I joined poker coaching community and this is going to get me better. I think you are right about the stakes but as I had already a bankroll that was ond the edge of playing 2/5c vs 5/10c I just decided to go to 5/10c. I have put a lot of time into improving my game but there is a ton of space to improve still. I have the bankroll now to go up to 10/25 but as you said I decided to stay at 5/10 a bit longer before I make a move. But thank you for your comment though.