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  • 3Bet Pot OOP

    In the video above, at 2:04, Jonathan Little says that OOP as the preflop 3better you are never really going to have a range advantage. Can anyone tell me why that is true?

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    The key here is that JL says you are rarely going to have a big range advantage.

    Equities run a lot closer in 3! pots as the ranges consist of a greater percentage of strong hands. As the preflop 3! you are likely to still have a range advantage, but it won't be anywhere near as big as your advantage opening from UTG and getting flat called by the BB, for example.


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      Okay so if HJ raises and I 3bet from BB I won't have a strong range advantage. So then if I continue to follow that chart on boards where I have a Moderate Range Advantage I should bet 25%-75% of the time. And for sizing since I don't have the range advantage so I should always bet big?

      And on the flip side, I 25%-75% of the time I should be checking?


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        My understanding is that the range advantage is a driver of betting frequency, not the size.

        We bet more frequently the bigger the range advantage.

        As the 3-bettor when we are IP we should be betting small on most flops unless they are extremely co-ordinated and interact well with the caller's range.