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  • 75BB tournament PDF

    In the 75BB tournament PDF the ranges for the SB against a LP raise (CO and BTN) seem not correct to me as the ranges for both SB vs CO and SB vs BTN are exactly the same.

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    I believe these charts are based on GTO solutions.

    There will of course be differences between GTO solutions for SB v BTN and SB v CO, but if these are very small then in an implementable chart they may be represented the same.

    For example, a hand combination we might raise 90% of the time against a BTN open we might only raise 80% of the time against a SB open. However, when simplifying our strategy it makes sense that both of these are both raised 100%.


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      It's probably correct tho. I think the key concept of 3-betting out of the SB vs Co/Bu are the A and K blockers, play-ability and value.

      88/77 and some of the suited connectors are wild cards for me.

      For one reason it's hard playing OOP, vs decently good players.

      Another example is if I feel like the opener is going to call my 3! to much I tighten up a bit. Generally if they have a tight opening range they are probably going to see a flop with most of it.
      Conversely if they are opening to wide I will 3! a bit more liberally.