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Supreme Court legalizes Sports Betting

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  • Supreme Court legalizes Sports Betting

    The Supreme Court Decided in favor of New Jersey today. This allows each state to legalize sports betting. It also allows the states to include online poker in the legislation. I am asking everyone please write to your state leaders and tell them you want to be able to play online poker. You can do this from one link vvsrc=%2fAddress I am not an employee of PPA, I am a member. I have asked and looked around, they are the only org. lobbying for online poker. If you can and want to you should join. At least follow them on twitter and on facebook.

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    Congrats to all the sports bettors who can now apply their skills to bet on amateur children playing a game. But poker's evil though. Edit: see my reply on your other post for a more nuanced view haha.
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      Poker Players Alliance needs some support. I am not asking for cash. I am asking that you follow them on Facebook and to follow and retweet their posts on Twitter.


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        this actually seems to be a great news


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          Sports betting is believed to be one of the most harmful ways of gambling. After a certain point, you lose everything you have.
          I've been there, I know this feeling of losing every penny in your pocket.
          The only way of preventing this from happening for every gambling person is to avoid betting at all. However, the thing is that you may win. The only thing you need to know is how to count odds or use a parlay calculator and analyze previous games. Forecasting and extrapolating the results of a game is just as helpful as having a bit of luck.
          I wish I had been smarter at the very beginning of my betting path. If I had analyzed every aspect of sports betting with the highest accuracy, I would be a millionaire now.
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