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2/5 Casino Cash Game with Regs - The Ultimate Lesson in Patience & Self Control

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  • 2/5 Casino Cash Game with Regs - The Ultimate Lesson in Patience & Self Control

    HI, all. It was about 2pm when I busted out of my last casino tourney. Being still early, I figured it was high time to play some legit live cash poker. After winning about $25 playing 1/2 for 45 min. while waiting for a 2/5 table, I then played 2/5 cash with the regs for the next 5+ hours.

    All I can say is wow, what an experience. After losing my first 100BB buy in during the first hour or so of playing in the same fashion that gets me busted out of tourneys, I topped off with another $500 and made some adjustments. Maybe the prospect of playing with chips have real money value had something to do with it. I'm not sure, but I didn't really want to lose several thousand bucks in an afternoon because of my stupidity.

    From then on, I played my bluffs selectively in position and in the same manner as my more playable hands, I made some tight folds (like a set of 9s, against what turned out to be a player's straight), and I avoided applying mindless pressure (though I'm fairly certain during my come back a reg on my immediate left exercised a seat change option specifically to get away from me - lol).

    Ok, so long story short, for over four hours I was mentally steady and in control. When it was all said an done, I wound up winning back the original $500 I lost the first hour or so, plus an additional $250 on top of that. That was probably the most valuable learning experience I've had at the table since first starting to play tournaments. I'm hoping the discipline I was able to maintain during that 2/5 session after losing my first 100BB buy-in will carry over to my tournament play. Before that 2/5 session, all my experience has been in live tourneys; online - tourneys, sit-n-goes and 3 way turbos; and some dinky home fun cash games.

    I must say it was a bit of a grind at times, but profitable nonetheless - two steps forward towards starting to play better poker.

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    I was wondering what happened to you... glad to see you're adjustmenting.


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      Wow! Like I always say, experience is everything! Your time wasn't wasted. I\m not a big fan of poker, but more free casino slot games. From my experience, I can say that such games have a winning potential.
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        Hmm, it's interesting, I'll have to try to play according to your tactics. I have only recently discovered the world of gambling. I'm not such a good player yet, but I really like the aesthetics of these games, their riskiness and recklessness. I used to only play roulette, but now I'm learning to play poker with my friends. Naturally, I often lose, but it's not a pity for my friends. I want to beat everyone in poker and blackjack! Which casino should I start at? I recently found the Queen Play Casino on and I think I'll try to play it. You guys haven't played at this casino? How do you like it?
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