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Florida online poker?

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  • Florida online poker?

    Hello all, I currently live in Orlando Florida and was wondering if anybody else plays online poker. I was wanting some feed back on where to play online. A friend of mine told me global poker. Is there any other sites anyones suggests?



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    Check out this video for full breakdown:

    Summary below:
    • GlobalPoker
      • Small player pool
      • Small MTT volume
      • Weakest player pool of three
      • US Players only
      • Able to buy in with credit card and receive payouts direct to bank
      • No HUD
      • No hand history
      • No rakeback
      • Currently a splash pot promotion (1% of hands following a raked hand get a 5BB drop into the pot.)
      • Least illegal of three, least likely to go under and have your funds not returned, still a chance
    • ACR
      • Largest player pool of three
      • Largest MTT volume of three
      • Toughest player pool of three
        • MTTs probably fine, but Cash not recommended for not advanced players.
      • Most issues with bots, RTA, collusion
      • International player pool
      • Crypto best for deposit cashout.
      • HUD
      • Hand History
      • 23% rakeback
    • Ignition
      • middle player pool
      • Middle MTT volume
      • Middle player pool
        • MTTs softish, Cash playable but tougher than Global
      • Unsure if it's international or US only tbh
      • Crypto best for withdrawals and deposits
      • Anonymous play
      • HUD for in session stats
      • Hand history + opponents hands revealed if downloaded within week or something like that.
      • I forget the rakeback situation but not as good as ACR.

    Ultimately all three of these sites are illegal and unlicensed at some level. There is a very real chance you're dealing with some level of collusion, bots, and RTA on all of them. There is a very real chance any of them could get popped by the government and you could lose all your money on the site. Follow JL's advice and only keep a days worth of buy ins at any time, cash out as frequently as possible, and know that whatever amount you keep on their could potentially disappear.


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      Such online platforms are a suitable and quite interesting way to test your analysis skills and find the right strategy. That's why I prefer to think over every step I take in the gambling industry. I understand the risks faced by all gamblers, so it's necessary to choose the right path. My way - This is the right place to get bonuses and opportunities to start. I've already made that start, and now I'm going to improve my poker skills. I'm sure that my tactics will be successful.
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