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My worst online tournament experience

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  • My worst online tournament experience

    Hello friends

    I entered to GG master 25 usd daily tournament via 3 usd satellite. I was very excited about this but when the tournament started everything went terrible.

    During 40 minutes i could not win any significant pots . And i lost 88 vs KQ and final hand was KK vs J10s . First hand I got bluffed on the river by a good aggressive reg.

    On the second hand maniac player shoved with J10s on the button it was crazy move . I cant say anything about this bad run really i started to lose my confidence online rng poker !.

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    I feel your pain. I was knocked out with my first played hand in three tournaments in a row today, at a combined odds of approximately about 27/10000 … so thats, what, about 1 in 380 ish?

    variance. Without it the game is not entertaining, but living with it is no fun either.

    Stupid bloody game.


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      no one should have sense entitlement because how much luck there is, almost entirely luck or getting there. 88 you played bad. why not bet again turn? he might float again or check raise. I have ran into people who played AA that way in heads up against me, also paired flop but I had the trip so it looked stupid on him. We were both slow playing the flop, turn he probably tried to stack me?

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        Not sure what the point is here other than to show what happens every day in poker games. I have played enough and have been in both those players seats with those cards and have lost and won with both hands. To say pushing a JTs was bad is questionable without a lot more info. One thing I have liked about PC is Jonathon's attitude when bad things happen, that is roll with the flow and continue to play fundamentally sound poker. Also there is no such thing as being entitled to a pot just because one has a better two cards.


        • broke&livin
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          entitlement isn't to a particular pot. They think they are better.