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Data Privacy Concerns with Online Poker

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  • Data Privacy Concerns with Online Poker


    I am about a year back into my poker hobby after taking a long time off after Black Friday. I am doing well and have managed to find very good microstakes games where I have slowly built my bankroll from a small deposit last October.

    I have only played this past year on Global Poker and until recently have cashed out gift cards solely with their basic identity verification (copy of ID and a bill sent to my house). They are now asking for "bank verification" even if I am cashing out only for gift cards. This was never the case in the past and I have concerns both about providing banking information as well as their recent abrupt policy change. I am considering starting a separate bank account at a different institution and keeping a very small amount of money in it just for verification purposes in order to satisfy this request. I still have concerns about data security though.

    Does anyone on this forum have any direct experience with data security on online poker sites and specifically bank fraud or identity theft that could occur as a result of providing information to Global Poker or other sites? I would especially appreciate any reference material anyone can point me to with regard to data security relative to online poker. I know Jonathan Little has done a lot of work and has produced a lot of content on this topic so perhaps he or another PokerCoaching higher up with good experience on this topic can chime in.

    Thank You!
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    I've played ~3 years on Global with a solid amount of cashouts directly to my bank without incident. Obviously that's not any conclusive evidence of safety and I'm not expert. JL considers Global the safest US facing site (non regulated,) but there's still an inherent risk. I would say the risk of bots/collusion/RTA or non-payment are higher than the risk of your identity being stolen via the site, and I can't imagine what they could do that you're bank wouldn't protect you from at some level. But there is definitely a risk