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Party Poker will close in the Netherlands

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  • Party Poker will close in the Netherlands

    Hello All,
    An hour ago I received a message that party poker will close in The Netherlands. This has to do with a change of gambling rules over here (which should make it easier to allow gambling)
    Do you know if also PokerStars and GGpoker are closing down?

    Party poker is going try to get a Dutch local licence. Anyone any idea how long this will take?

    Little down at the moment. Poker went realy well last months. Increased my bankroll from 50 to 1750.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Tough news brother, try and turn it into an opportunity, study relentlessly until you can get back to the grind


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      down because you started dreaming about 1700 - 61k, then $2m. If you play more sports, you will be happier and healthier but noway to substitute daydream. only 17k maybe you haven't picked up bad spending habits.


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        Only little down. And of course already exersizing 4 times a week and eating healthy. Also with poker grinding life was balanced. Also have a great job (so no money concerns over here) and great wife and kids . But was a nice hobby with the potential of make a little bit of extra money. And of course I keep on studying the game
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          Seems to be good news. GGPOKER will be one of the 10 gambling sites in the Netherlands. At the moment there are still some issues to make an account for GG as Dutch player, but seems to be this will be my new poker home, The widraw of the Party Poker money also went good. So a happy person again (exersized too) n


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            Two days later. Still waiting on GG to verify my account. PFF. Starting to get a little less happy


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              LOL, this is a very delusional decision on the part of the Dutch authorities. We all know that Amsterdam is famous for good weed, whores and poker, and they decided to remove poker. In addition, poker is the most popular card game in the world, played by millions and millions of people all over the world. I assume that some tourists will stop going to the Netherlands, and in particular to Amsterdam, because they will think "why should I fly there if I can play poker on lying on the couch." I hope that this decision will be canceled soon, because my friends and I go to the Netherlands every year for poker tournaments and I would not like to lose this opportunity.
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                If think you misread something (has that to do with the drugs you are refering to??) They are legalising online gambling (like they did with softdrugs and whores) so in the end there will be more poker. They remove illegal poker, like they tried to do with ilegal drugs and whores So no worries: There will be enough whores, drugs and poker for you in Amsterdam.
                At the moment online poker only available at GG. But still waiting for my verification of account and bank account. Until than, no poker for me