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  • Holdem manager 3 help

    so im trying to upload my tourney summaries from ACR but its not doing anything. In HM3 I left click the tourney, click on ''detect''....then nothing happens. still shows $0 buyin.

    Any help? Thanks

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    I'm not clear with what it is you are trying to do.
    HM should automatically capture and import your game play. If not you may have it configured incorrectly.

    Do you mean the tournament shows up but it has the wrong buy in amount? That is common error from ACR. I have to edit 90% of them.

    I use PT4 but HM is similar. You should be able to edit tournaments and make any necessary corrects.


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      The tournament shows up but the buy in amount shows $0.
      How do you keep track of all your buy ins to edit those? Isn't that what this software is suppose to be doing for you?


      • kkep
        kkep commented
        Editing a comment
        I only have this issue on ACR.

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      Hmm, this is very strange, because HM should be automated and work properly, respectively, if it does not work for you or does not work stably, it means that it is not configured for you. Try writing to technical support, explain the problem to them and they should send you step-by-step instructions. I had something similar in however, I solved the problem on my own by simply setting up the thread as it is convenient for me. The most important thing is not to be afraid to fix the error yourself, because in any case you can go back to the original settings. I wish you good luck and victories in poker!
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