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    Been a small stakes cash game player for about 10 years and a winning player for about 10 months. Have played in maybe 6 tournaments ever from winning free entries from spinning the wheel on My last 3 times was fairly recently (since joining pokercoaching) and I was ITM on all 3. I am guessing my improved understanding has translated to tournaments. Tuesday I placed in the top 10% for a qualifier to the $400 Satellite tonight. The top 45 or so will win a ticket to the WPT online main event. I am unfamiliar with the tournament circuit. Is this like THE main event? It says the buy in for it is $3500 so I am assuming it is (seem to remember that they might be doing a live and an online event this year). As I have never really liked tournament play (likely because of my lack of ability) I have spent zero time in learning specifically tournament play so I am spending the next four hours learning what I can from the tournament master class. Any advice and is anyone else playing in the tournament at 20:30 eastern time?

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    Emma Raducanu. It's like you've done it before but you haven't
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      Probably a bit late now, but if you wanted a real crash-course in MTT play, might be better working through the 30 day MTT challenge and memorising JL's MTT cheat sheet.


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        Of course the tournament masterclass is awesome and can cover many leaks a player may have.Then i suggest if you want more edge and as you get better to try the Raise your edge tournamant masterclass which i think is the top course nowadays along with the PadsOnPads from runitonce.Anyway the JL tournament masterclass is perfect for starting to making profits in low to midstake tournaments


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          if you think it's about always getting it in good, you don't know 1/3 of it. Is there a tournament pro who isn't in debt or make up?
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