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how i called down vs a shark

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  • how i called down vs a shark

    this villian is a shark

    i knew this and thought he would be very polar on the river

    mhm but sharks often dont do a lot of bluffs for their tourney life to my experience

    the river made me call

    referring to the solver it is very close on the river but solver would call

    there is 1 borderline decision snowie would play differently but this is very very close

    snowie would cbet the flop small

    thoughts ?

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    Do you think a small c-bet would get him to fold? How big of a bet would it take? Anything under pot sized gives him the odds to call. If I thought opponent was in any way balanced I would have played it the same way.


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      i dont think a small cbet would get him to fold here in this exact spot, and itis not always the main goal of a cbet

      i mean just cbetting vs villians whole range on the flop , you cannot know he is on a flush draw : )

      good to know solver and mouse would also call the river

      in game you feel like a fish : )