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  • What does the Graph say?

    Hi guys,

    sometimes I check my database and then I see things that I can't quite get my head around.
    Therefore I thought it could be a good idea to start a New Topic in which I post screenshots of my graphs/database and you can tell me what you see.

    Of course you can also post your graphs.

    Is this a bad run or what am I seeing here?
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    this one is from today (only 2 games played so far)
    on the last hand I got QQ in the BB and a shove from Button (4 people left, 2 get paid) with 44.

    When I compare the two graphs, am I right in thinking that I am running really bad? Should the yellow line be my actual winnings instead of the blue line, if it werent for bad fortuna?
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      If you display the graphs in terms of BB instead of T$ it will be a bit clearer.

      At the start of a tourney 1BB might equal 50T$, but at the end of a tournament 1BB might be closer to 10,000T$. So losing 1/10 of a BB later in the tournament would look the same as losing 20BB early. This is clearly not a useful comparison.

      Another point is that these graphs aren't a great metric for MTTs outside of the opening stages.

      We should often be making decisions based on $EV as opposed to CEV.

      It does look like you are running below expectation, but as this is outside of our control we shouldn't be focussing on it.

      Your adj bb/100 is a more useful stat for determining how well you are playing, but with all things there are flaws.


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        I never look at my graphs. The only graph that concerns me is money won/lost. I am however very in tune with my DB statistics.