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abusive idiot at table 2

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  • abusive idiot at table 2

    All I'm saying if you follow the lead of who you call idiot, what does that make you? Being able to brush off is key. Also might be worthwhile to watch hellmuth.

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    I think you're missing the point. Of course don't let it tilt you, whether or not it's a deliberate tactic we should always avoid tilting. But that doesn't mean you need to tolerate it. If someone is being openly racist, homophobic, or otherwise abusive online and you feel the EV from them probably being a shitty player is not worth your dealing with it, send a note to support and they generally ban their chat privileges. Same situation in a casino call the floor.

    You also have to think meta. Is letting one fish spew off at the mouth so they keep spewing off chips worth losing the who knows how many fishy recs they chase away by berating them? That kind of behavior is overall bad for the game.

    I don't know Hellmuth personally and have never played with him, so I can't say for sure how much of what he does is a tactic, and how much is genuine tantrums he tries to mask as a tactic, but I can tell you I've seen a tonnnnn of his meltdowns and have never seen him be openly racist or homophobic.

    Stepping outside the actual issue, a member of the forum posted on here with a reasonable concern and your response belittled their concern which was inappropriate and not in the spirit of this community, which is why the thread was closed.


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      bring reasonable concern to the sites. Nobody can do anything here and stop crying seriously


      • Dilly
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        My guy I feel you. In other environments I also often have a "stop crying" thick skin type attitude. What I'm trying to explain to you is that in this community, that sort of thing is considered sub-optimal towards helping everyone learn and is therefore not tolerated, hence why the thread was closed. Especially when the question was around homophobic/racist/hateful speech, which is something I think it's pretty reasonable to have a zero tolerance position on.

        I'm not even disagreeing with you, just letting you know your comments on the initial thread came across as overly critical, not positive or supporting, and it's not going to be well received here

      • Jon B
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        shall we move on. It probably wasn't a great initial topic for me to post tbh - it wasn't something the community could learn from, though I thought it might strike a nerve.

        I suspect you've ended up defending a position you didn't really intend to defend b4uzzz, a bit like when I misclicked in a tournament pre-flop and then felt committed to defending a garbage hand.

        I don't want one of my first forays into this forum to be a massive tangent to what it's meant to be about.

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      Very helpful topic. Not sarcasm


      • b4uzzzz
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        like to hold my own against 9 high boss - a dirty , low down, ruthless bado.