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abusive idiots at the table

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  • abusive idiots at the table


    Apologies if this shouldn't be posted here as it's not on strategy.

    More of a general thought - does anyone else ever despair at some of the idiots at online tables? There is behaviour that you would never see IRL.

    I don't mean bad play, I mean abuse. A bit of banter is fine, maybe a witty joke at someone's expense. And it's obviously fine to get annoyed and bemoan a bad beat. However, several times recently I have seen players lose hands and then launch into abuse - homophobic, racist and sexist and just keep on with it. A German player who had the audacity to hit one of 8 outs on the river (to win all of $4) was hit with endless jibes about the Nazis.

    Another game, another table, someone won a hand - in a fishy way - and was then subjected to endless homophobic abuse.

    I don't think the sites do enough. There is no easy report option and the filters that seem to pick up swears fine let other stuff through.

    Anyway, that's off my chest! I just think that while we all want to win money, it's important to stay respectful. Abuse shouldn't be allowed anywhere.

    (gets off soapbox)

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    This forum is to discuss anything poker mate, so this is fine to post.

    Some of the things people say/type on the sites are downright disgusting. Personally I see most of the abuse aimed at Russian players. I actually believe this is because a lot of them are the very strongest players at the micro/low stakes because, with all due respect, a US dollar goes a lot further over there then it would here in the UK or most of Europe and so they can actually grind these stakes to make a living. They are far more studied in ICM spots and so often get slated for being a "crazy aggressive Russian" (and far worse language I won't repeat) whenever they win despite making the correct play.

    A player with any basic understanding of poker realises that weak players are essential to the game and without them it would dry up. Slating players for making poor plays actually identifies the perpertrator as a very weak, emotional player themselves and these are actually the guys we want to be playing against.

    Often I will just block their chat and highlight them green and look to play them whenever I can.

    If they seem like a good player having a bit of a heads-gone moment a gentle reminder to "not tap the glass" can often bring them back in line.


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      cheers - I agree 100% that anyone who gets abusive is likely to be someone either v new, v immature, or playing with money they can't afford to lose. As you say, all signs of someone you would want to play against.

      you're also completely right that the players who make terrible calls are the ones we want to play against, obviously they will win a few hands, but they'll lose in the long run. They often prob don't even care - poker is a hobby not a source of income, I'm terrible at golf but I wouldn't want to play and have a serious golfer shout abuse at me after every duffed chip!

      If you can't generally stay calm, recover from set back and not allow one bad hand to turn into a bad session then you;re probably not cut out for poker. Always amusing to see people in MTTs who are well set, lose one fairly big hand but still have a decent stack and then just implode. Where's your fight?! Was pushing ai with 83 for 40bb really the best play?


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        Problem is with yourself. You're too sensitive. I was going to suggest you embrace the trash talk, but maybe you can not. Think of this way, if it bothers you so much they should do more and more not less.


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          ok buddy!

          It doesn't actually impact my play, I am naturally very calm. Banter is fine, any sort of chat - criticise the play or whatever but I specifically said abuse such as racist or homophobic abuse, which I would hope we can all agree has no place in any setting.

          I'm surprised anyone would advocate people doing more of this. You can have standards without being over sensitive.


          • LondonImp
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            Well said mate

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          You see anyone else posting anything of the sort? It bothers you and now my comment bothers you. I never thought two people talking trash would affect 3rd party on table. I don't talk trash because I don't think I win that way, but maybe I didn't know what I was missing.
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          • Jon B
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            I think you probably need to learn the difference between trash talking and abuse - that's for life in general and not just the poker table. I'm going to leave this here now, not overly interested in whatever comeback you may have tbh.

          • b4uzzzz
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            You need to know this is poker, not life. Maybe they mean it, maybe tactic

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          There should be absolutely zero tolerance for anyone displaying racist, sexist, homophopic, or any other disgusting character traits such as these, anywhere and at any time.

          Suggesting that these are anything other than completely intolerable is simply unacceptable.