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Preflop 3-Betting GTO ratios

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  • Preflop 3-Betting GTO ratios

    Hi there. I am wondering if anyone knows if there are preflop GTO 3-betting Bluff:Value ratios? I want to work on constructing and balancing my own preflop 3-betting range, but I'm not sure how to balance these ranges. Thanks!

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    Complicated question lol. Our 3-bets pre-flop are going to either be linear or polar ranges. With a linear range we are 3-betting our best hands and folding everything else, how wide "best hands" goes depends on position. With polar 3-bet ranges, we're 3-betting our best hands and then hands not quite good enough to flat with that also have good blockers, playability, and give us board coverage. But the ratio of bluffs to value is different in every position. You're probably better off just learning the ranges from the PC tools, understanding why the range is what it is, and then learning to adjust from that solution based on your opponents errors.


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      Thanks Dilly. I was more wondering about balancing our polar 3-betting ranges preflop. J. Little talks a lot in the homework about postflop bluff:value ratio (2:1 flop, 1:1 turn etc., 70% marginal, 30% junk). So I was just wondering if there are similar principles, specifically for polarized 3-betting ranges preflop.


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        There's similar principles but the ratio is different in almost every situation, B v CO isn't the same as B v HJ. B v CO 100BB deep isn't the same as B v CO 40BB deep etc

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      Right that makes sense. Well I’ll have to do some research I guess.