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How to analyze Opponents Data?

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  • How to analyze Opponents Data?

    Hi guys,

    basically its like this: I play every day, 5-10 hours and I cannot win even after doing almost all premium content courses, all masterclasses etc.

    My main game is 3,50$ 6max turbo sit&go and I can only achieve a good winrate when I play against unknown players.
    I dont seem to be able to beat the regulars at this game.

    On some of them I have 3000 hands but I cannot make anything of the data.
    Yesterday I thought ok, lets look at the main opponents and try to find out how they play.. so I opened my pokertracker 4 and looked into a few games I played with them.. but then.. theres like 100 hands per game and I cannot make much of the information. What am I even looking for? Sometimes I arrange by position and look at the wholecards by position but when I do it in pokertracker I only see the hands for each game and not all the hands he ever played.

    How do you go about analyzing the data of your opponents to find out where they have weaknesses and strengths?

    The Thing is, I think I can normally beat all Pokerstars players with an ability up to 70. Its only in the 6max games I cant get a proper grip on my opponents and I dont know why.

    Just started watching master the HUD again and he mentions that Notecaddy shows the wholecards by position.. that sounds like something I would really like to have but is it worth it?
    I feel like I keep buying stuff, coachingcourses, books, tools and I just get worse and worse with everything I buy.

    I also have sharkscope desktop-app/premium which might be better for analysis than pokertracker4.

    Sorry for this unorganized post.. I didnt mean to write it but I just dont know where else to go and what to do anymore. I am very close to taking a break or accpeting that I cannot win at online poker but its very hard and it doesnt make much sense either because I invest so much time and effort and am actually quite naturally gifted. It just cannot be that all the 150 000 people on PokerStars are better than me (and they are not but you know what I mean)..

    so to conclude: if you guys have any good thoughts on how to dissect opponents to get a clear picture of their playing styles with leaks and strengths (of course I ran sharkscope leak tracker on all of them but it just tell me they do everything good in every position but thats also what it tells me about my game)

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    PT4 can be a bit unwieldy when it comes to analysing a single opponent's data. But it's worth the effort.

    I built a custom report in PT4 to pull out the useful bits that I wanted to see. I'm in the office at the moment so can't share it yet, but if I remember I'll send it over to you when I get home. If you don't hear from me in a day or 2 just chase me up

    Once you've got access to the data, we can discuss what to actually do with it.

    I'm not sure if 1Peter510 uses the forum any more but he's a good person to speak to regarding dissecting an opponent's weaknesses. He's helped me in the past. kkep is always worth engaging with too, he loves his studying so I'm sure will be happy to help.


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      Hey man, that would be great!
      Thank you have a nice day in the office


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        You can run reports on individual players


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          It's worth considering that it's way harder to beat the regs because they're way better than the unknowns. It's very likely they have some amount of leaks and it's imperative you uncover them and exploit them to generate whatever small edge you can, but no matter what you do it will be a small edge. SnGs are a game where edges between strong players are small to non-existent, it's why JL frequently mentions that they are dead at the highest stakes.


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            I am not sure about the reports and how to run them efficiently but today I found when I go to View Stats > Results and choose Final Hands at Showdown and then the player and sort by position, I get quite a nice overview of the ranges. The only thing now is the stacksizes they use for the opening and calling ranges and the question how am I supposed to remember the style of each or make use of the results of my analysis. Thanks for the input so far. Maybe I just need to get into it more.. but its so dry

            is there a program into which I can import the hand history of my opponent and then get a simulation of him to play against?
            can ICMizer do such a thing? (I think i read it on the site and thats why I considered the purchase)


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              Originally posted by Dilly View Post
              It's worth considering that it's way harder to beat the regs because they're way better than the unknowns. It's very likely they have some amount of leaks and it's imperative you uncover them and exploit them to generate whatever small edge you can, but no matter what you do it will be a small edge. SnGs are a game where edges between strong players are small to non-existent, it's why JL frequently mentions that they are dead at the highest stakes.
              yes I heard but .. as I said I play the 3,50s and want to play the 7$ or maybe 15$ and when I see my opponents having an ability of 50-70 (not one is above 70 really at these stakes) I think there is money to be made. Also I see these guys in the sharkscope top 100 for the lowstakes and can see their graphs. Some have straight lines going up to 30-50k.. only playing these small games.
              Like this guy (he only plays 1,50$ sit&gos, he plays every day for a few hours) or the second guy.. I mean, they show me it is possible and I see them every day and play with them but I just cant figure out the difference. Also they all have different styles, some LAG, some NIT.. its difficult but I am kind of not the kind to give up and so I see this as a challenge. Sure I could find beatable games for me but I want to become better. Yes, they are some of the better regs and most people on these games are losers, most even more than me but most big losers stop playing sooner or later. (for completion I added my own graph at the bottom, hope its ok i dont black out the names?
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                Originally posted by kkep View Post
                You can run reports on individual players
                hey man, can you tell me more about how to do this effectively?

                When I go to the My Reports tab I find it quite frightening and dont really know what to get the report on to be effective. Even though I have watched SmartPokerStudy youtubevideos on the topic.. maybe I should rewatch


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                  How to make effective use of the hand range analyzer for opponents? (can I get it shown by position somehow or can I only see the hands and then click on them to see what position they were played in? Actually thats not much more complicated..

                  when I go into the statistic tab and choose opponent player I get nice information about everything they do, I think.. but its so much and I dont seem to know what I am looking for.

                  The funny thing is, I think I could really get into this kind of stuff.. I just dont seem to get a real grip for a start. Every time I feel motivated to do something with the pokertracker data I collected, I go in there for 10 minutes, click around and then leave and just play.. its bad, i Know


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                    sorry for spam: just another thing on the mentality.

                    for the last weeks/months because I felt I play much worse I started leaving out all the tables with regs registered but that made me wait like half the day and play a lot less. And also it makes me feel like a pussy. I dont want to be the one being "afraid" of them because I cant beat them. I want them to leave because they cant beat me.

                    I will do it and I think you guys will help me achieve this

                    (if someone is interested and can tell me how to, i would be willing to share my whole database so you guys can have a little informational advantage. I think the russians do this too, share databases and I think it should be a community standard. But just my oppinion. What do you think about such an idea?)
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                      I'll get into this tomorrow morning. I've only done it a couple of times so I can't say off the top of my head. A PT4 Mod actually suggested I do this to compare my stats with the best players in my games to come up with some stat ranges I can't easily find on the net.
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                        Click image for larger version

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                          Oh this is way easier than the way I do it... Nice one.

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                        hey kkep, thank you.

                        What do you get the report on? Just complete with everything?



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                          Here is a link to a report that I use:

                          Annoyingly the forum doesn't allow us to share .pt4rpt files.

                          Once the file is downloaded you can import it into PT4.

                          There are more advanced reports you can produce, but generally these require a much bigger hand sample to become relevant and so are only really useful for analysing your own play.

                          If you don't feel comfortable using the download link I provided, contact me on discord and I can share it that way instead.


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                            To revert back to your original post quickly, it seems like you could achieve a lot by improving your game selection.

                            If you can beat most players up to a certain level, then why not hunt down the games where these guys are playing and play them instead?

                            Are you playing to make money, or to become the best $3.50 6-max turbo SnG player?

                            Pokerstars is notoriously tough too. As well as looking at more profitable formats, have you tried playing on other sites too?

                            I combine my time on Pokerstars (where there are big fields and big guarantees) with also now playing on iPoker where the fields are a lot softer. So soft in fact, that my "ability" on iPoker is apparently 82 which is almost certainly far higher than it would be on Pokerstars if I opted in to check.


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                              Hey Imp, thank you for your replies.

                              Of course I would like to make money from poker but first and foremost I want to improve my skill because I think when I reach a skill level high enough I can beat almost any game anywhere in the world and that is basically what I am aiming for. I need to feel like I deserve it first. Not sneak around like a rat looking for some crumbs that fell of the table. Ist just an Ego thing

                              but I will check out iPoker anyway. Thank you