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  • 6max online facing RFI strategy


    I have a question regarding 6max preflop GTO strategy when facing a raise. I've completed Jonathan's Cash Game Master Class course and also "How to Beat 6-Max Cash Games" by JustGTO.
    I'm a little bit confused because in this two courses there are two different approaches how to react preflop when facing a raise.

    JustGTO recommends to have a linear 3bet range from HJ vs LJ, CO vs LJ and CO vs HJ with no condensed calling range (attachment 1 and 2). Same for Small Blind. The main reason is to protect vs squeeze play from Button and BB.

    In Jonathan's Cash Game Masterclass he says that 6max is not that different from 9max. Just imagine that UTG positions has folded. When I look at the charts (attachment 3 and 4) I can see a polarized raising range and a condensed calling range (exception SB vs CO and SB vs BU)

    I know I have to adjust my strategy to the tendencies of my opponents but this two approaches how to react vs a preflop raise are really different in my opinion.

    Maybe Jonathan's Masterclass applies more to live cash games and there is not that much squeezing?

    I hope someone can explain me the reason of this two different approaches. Which strategy should I use in 6-max online?

    Thanks in advance & best regards

    PS: sorry for my bad English, I'm from Switzerland :-)

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    Everything you said is basically right, the reasons we 3-bet our entire ranges from HJ and CO in the 6Max charts which is different from the CGMC is:
    • CGMC is meant for soft games where we're being relatively exploitative (like live 1/2, 2/5, etc) 6Max assumes tough online games where we don't want to call and invite the B and BB along for cheap unless we know they're terrible, and we don't want to to incentivize squeezes as you said.
    • 6Max charts assume high rake environment which most online micro and small stakes games are. We're incentivized to play tighter ranges and play bigger pots when we do to mitigate the rake effect.

    Every game is different but I would use the 6Max strategy if you're playing on most online sites where the micro cash is relatively tough compared to LLS and MTTs.


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      makes sense Thank you very much!