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  • quiz 1001 $2/5 cash

    Lexi Gavin's quiz is like this is special ed. I am being charged for quizzes like this? Who can't make quizzes like this? Her quizzes make me want a refund.
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    Thankfully there are over 1,300 quizzes, with the vast majority not being Lexi's, so just skip over her's if you don't feel that they add value to your game.


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      Lexy's quizzes seem to catch a lot of criticism, and I definitely have disagreed with her mostly around sizing, but this one seems pretty straightforward. She acknowledged the call pre was bad, post-flop I think calling down here is the only reasonable option and it's a good lesson for players who may think to raise pair+draw in most/all situations


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        Quiz 1009 with A3o deep stack. Is Lexi Gavin trying to say it is good idea to 3bet weak offset ace against someone who has played every pot so far ???? I like to know how she does without turning 2 pairs on turn. What was the point of betting turn again? Getting ace fold or getting lesser hands fold? Entirely possible she forced her opponent to play correctly.
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          I think the main value that comes from the LG quizzes relative to other coaches is learning to get out of line when people give us reason to. If her reads that Villain is opening super wide and BB is a nit are correct the 3-bet isn't that bad. If her read that Villain is a calling station is correct betting flop and turn are probably fine. Obviously these reads can be wrong and the lines she takes are pretty out of line against population with no read, but it's not wasted thinking to go through these exercises. My guess is if she didn't turn 2 pair the line is probably check call turn, check call river or check check turn bet river