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If this had only been higher stakes...

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  • If this had only been higher stakes...

    PokerStars, Hold'em No Limit - $0.01/$0.02 - 4 players
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    tentwowontdo (UTG): $3.10 (155 bb)
    epl33 (BU): $2.22 (111 bb)
    Designerpunk (SB): $1.55 (78 bb)
    Sour Alien (BB): $5.67 (284 bb)

    Pre-Flop: ($0.03) Hero (Sour Alien) is BB with 3 5
    tentwowontdo (UTG) calls $0.02, epl33 (BU) raises to $0.06, 1 fold, Sour Alien (BB) calls $0.04, tentwowontdo (UTG) calls $0.04

    Flop: ($0.19) 2 4 6 (3 players)
    Sour Alien (BB) checks, tentwowontdo (UTG) checks, epl33 (BU) bets $0.18, Sour Alien (BB) calls $0.18, tentwowontdo (UTG) folds

    Turn: ($0.55) 3 (2 players)
    Sour Alien (BB) bets $0.16, epl33 (BU) calls $0.16

    River: ($0.87) K (2 players)
    Sour Alien (BB) bets $0.80, epl33 (BU) calls $0.80

    Total pot: $2.47 (Rake: $0.11)

    Sour Alien (BB) shows 3 5 (a straight flush, Six high)
    (Equity - Pre-Flop: 20%, Flop: 100%, Turn: 100%, River: 100%)

    epl33 (BU) mucks 9 9 (a flush, King high)
    (Equity - Pre-Flop: 80%, Flop: 0%, Turn: 0%, River: 0%)

    Sour Alien (BB) wins $2.36

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    I think you played this poorly and left a lot of BB on the table.

    The guy bet practically pot on the flop which is a key sign of a polarised range.

    Making a tiny lead on the turn makes absolutely no sense at all. He clearly has something he likes but instead you chose to fire off warning signals and slow him down.

    I think we can definitely check raise on this flop: the guy has a strong made hand or a decent draw and is highly unlikely to go anywhere after cbetting pot multiway.

    You could, and more importantly probably should, have stacked him, instead you let him keep hold of.

    It's a good job this wasn't higher stakes because missing out on an additional 51bb there would be a disaster.

    [EDIT: I realise that sounds quite rude. But it's so important to understand that making a bad call that loses you 10bb is nowhere near as bad as missing out an an additional value bet that would've won you an additional 20bb. Everyone knows the phrase 'money saved is money earned', but just as applicable, although not quite as snappy sounding, would be something along the lines of 'money not won is money lost']
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    • shutemdwn
      shutemdwn commented
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      Thank you for the input, I appreciate you taking the time. I have several hands in my history that I think I left money behind, I actually know it to be an area I need to improve on.
      Do you think I could have check/shoved on the flop instead? Or maybe a 3x bet to make sure he was committed for all of his money by the river?

      I'm always thinking I don't want to scare my opponent off when I have the nuts. What size bet is better on the turn, pot size, or are you saying I should have let him bet again?
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    • LondonImp
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      Looking to get all in by the river is the correct approach I think. We have the absolute nuts and we don't want to risk him finding a hero fold on the flop if we shove it all in right away.

      3x might be a bit too large, maybe about 2.5x would be better?

      Have a play around with the numbers. See what the stacks and pot size would be on each street depending on what sizing you use and see what works best. It would be best if we try and bet the same % of the pot on each street.

    • shutemdwn
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      I will take a look at that. I just started the Cash Game Masterclass so I should be discovering more mistakes I've been making as well lol. Thank you again.