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Which is the better area for profiting off Poker?

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  • Which is the better area for profiting off Poker?

    I am going to move in September in order to start playing Texas Hold'em full-time. My goal is to play cash games. I will start with $1 $2 cash games to ensure I am profitable when I start. However, I have the bankroll to play $2 $5 and when I feel comfortable and profitable with $1 $2, I will move up to $2 $5. I want to move to either South Florida or Las Vegas.

    Question: Where is the more profitable place to play live cash games, Las Vegas or South Florida? I am a single guy with no dependents. I can move wherever I want. Between South Florida and Las Vegas which one has easier competition? Does one area generally have cheaper racks than the other? Do you think one is far better than the other or only marginally better than the other?