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    I was playing in a live $675 tournament. Blinds are 500/1000/1000. I have 33000 chips and pick up Jh10h in the cutoff and raise to 2,300. Villian in small blind has me covered. He's older, loose and not good. Raising and calling raises too often. He calls and the big blind-a 30 year old Asian who was loose/passive and not good also called. Flop was 9h7s3h. Checked to me and I bet 3500 into a pot of 7900. Both call. Villian had previously min raised me after he hit a set on the flop. Turn is 5s and checked to me. There is 20k in the pot and I have 25k left. I thought about checking but thought I could take it down with a bet and, if called still had 9 or 15 outs. I bet 10k and villian check raised me all in. He stated he had a spade flush draw and the more I watched him and listened to people who knew him I believed him. I knew I was behind most spade draws but there was 55k in the pot and I had 15k left. I called. He showed 8s6s for turned straight and flush draw. I bricked and was out. Should I have checked? If I bet should it have been all in? Thanks.