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    You're in the big blind. You wake up with pocket Queens. The low jack an chip leader open shoves 88 BB. 167 players remain, paying the top 216. You're currently 44th. You have pocket Queens. $22,440 up top. Call or fold?

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    Unsure if there's a significant ICM implication but it seems like you need Villain to shove something like TT AK AQs to call it off. My gut tells me with no read on Villain we probably just call it off assuming population has an on average wide enough range for us to have at least 50% equity between hands like we listed and random junk/bluffs from spazzy fish. But it's definitely weird gonna run into KK+ a ton


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      I considered a fold! I just couldn't find it. He AK off. Flopped A's full!


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        Unfortunately you’re going to run into the top of his range at times but I’m never folding QQ there especially to the chip leader just load up the next tournament and go again


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          Please refrain from double posting a HH in the future.