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If I hit a set or a straight what should I do

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  • If I hit a set or a straight what should I do

    I hope all is well.
    I am a little worried lets say I hit a set of 7's and there is 2 spades on the flop. What do you think I should do?
    Should I go all in?

    Or if I hit straight on the flop or turn should I go all in, because I am worried that someone might hit a card that will have a higher straight.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Hi mate as always in poker the answer is “it depends” lol as there are so many variables in every hand , first of all is it cash or mtt , if cash how much does each player have , if MTTs how many blinds do you all have , how many players are in the pot all make a massive difference.

    But in general I would say if you hit a very strong hand on the flop or turn you want to maximise the amount of money you can earn even if it is a scary board and you could get outdrawn you want to get as much money off the other players as possible without scaring them away so I would suggest all in with you being the aggressor in general would chase players away and long term you will be losing money , now if someone pushes you all in then happy days get it in but you will get outdrawn and lose a percentage of the time but that’s just poker I’m afraid


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      mate thanks so much for your help!!! Much appreciate it!