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Should I play higher stakes for lower rake?

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  • Should I play higher stakes for lower rake?


    I currently play 1/1 games at the casino. Usually buy in for £200. There is usually a straddle for £2.

    The casino has made a rule saying they will rake 5% up to £140 for 1/1 games, however if we we were to play 1/2 games then they will rake 5% up to £100.

    I prefer the 1/1 game as I only buy in for £200. Most hands there is a straddle so I have 100 bigs. Even though it is likely that the 1/2 game is better value as there is less rake I prefer the 1/1 as I have more play given that people staddle and therefore will make the game significantly more expensive.

    Should I play the 1/2 game instead of the 1/1 game or am I best playing the 1/1 game given that I have more blinds to play with?

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    Are you saying they cap the rake at 7 for 140 pots vs 5 for 100 at 1/2? Or they can take as much as 140/100 out of the pot as rake? Because that's effectively uncapped rake which would make the game more or less unbeatable unless you were crushing the life out of your opponents.

    Follow that for bankroll and just play the game your rolled for. Tbh though, from my experience live cash is insanely soft and you should be playing as big as you can reasonably, taking shots pretty often


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      In 1/2 they cap the rake at £5 and at 1/1 they cap the rake at £7


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        I would just play the 1/2, that's a really weird rake structure though idk if I've ever seen that